Susannah Corbett


5 to 7  Educator


Review by Nicola Cooke


“This book is an enchanting, modern twist of a classic moral tale. Susannah Corbett tells the story of a hungry dragon, determined to fulfil his need for a snack. An animated chase ensues, in which the dragon attempts to fill his hunger with various animals, such as a grizzly bear, a sly fox, a little kitten and a wise owl, but to no avail. Although recommended for children aged three to five, this rhyming story, coupled with the beautiful illustrations, also provides an exciting and enthralling read for key stage 1 children.”




“A winning combination of excellent rhyming text and illustrations.”  Click here to navigate to their website.


School Librarian


Review by Irene Babsky


“This is the light hearted story of the dragon, who, waking up in his inky black cave, is in need of a snack, and goes off to see what he can find, fiercely chasing every animal he sees. In true fairy tale form, the case gets longer and longer, until it is finally brought to a halt by... a mouse!


This is a beautifully conceived storybook for young children, clearly and wittily written in verse. The illustrations really enhance the story and bring great liveliness and colour to the book as a whole. Witty and warm enough to be shared one to one, bold enough to be shared with a group, and challenging enough to be used as an early ‘free reader’. Altogether, a most enjoyable picture book for children between 3 and 9 years of age.”


The Bookbag


“There’s plenty to like about Dragon’s Dinner”




Review by Nicholas Tucker


“A warming picture book in every way.”

Dragon’s Dinner


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